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First, We Make the Beast Beautiful (Sarah Wilson, Macmillan)

Sarah Wilson is a journalist, editor, TV presenter and the bestselling author of I Quit Sugar. In her new book, she explores the anxiety disorder that turned her life upside down—and anxiety more generally. As Wilson writes, ‘this book doesn’t take a linear path to salvation’. Instead it meanders through science, psychology, anecdotes and advice. Quotes and advice from wellbeing gurus—it opens with Wilson meeting the Dalai Lama—sit comfortably alongside etymology, case studies and blog comments. Wilson’s chatty, honest style ties it all together and guides the reader through the various threads. While this book is completely different from her ‘Sugar’ books, it will appeal to existing fans who are interested in wellbeing, as well as introducing her philosophy to a wider audience. It includes tips for anxiety sufferers from little things to do in anxious moments to big lifestyle changes. Like the rest of the book, they are accessible and interesting and will be helpful not only for chronic sufferers but anyone who wants to quiet the clamouring voices in their mind. With First We Make the Beast Beautiful, Wilson draws on a wide range of material to create a fascinatingly broad yet personal addition to the wellbeing category.

Fay Helfenbaum is a freelance editor and former bookseller


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