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I Just Ate My Friend (Heidi McKinnon, A&U)

Making friends can be hard but keeping them can be even harder. Especially if you’ve just eaten your friend, like the nameless monster in Heidi McKinnon’s debut picture book. The little monster is filled with remorse (after all, it was a good friend!) and embarks on a search for a new companion—but it doesn’t have much luck; the other creatures all claim it’s either too big, too small, or too loud to be their friend. Finally, a monster offers its friendship. Heidi McKinnon’s simple graphic illustrations and creative use of texture showcase an adorable cast of monsters. The pairing of these illustrations with McKinnon’s straightforward storytelling recalls the humour of Jon Klassen’s ‘Hat Trilogy’ and Philip Bunting’s Mopoke. Perfect for children aged two and up, I Just Ate My Friend can be used to discuss friendships and why we shouldn’t mistreat our friends for fear of losing them. Or, it could simply be read as a hilarious monster story with a touch of the (child-appropriate) macabre.

Michael Earp is the manager and buyer for the Younger Su


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