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Accidental Heroes: The Rogues Book One (Lian Tanner, A&U)

The first in a new series by the bestselling author of ‘The Keepers’ series, this book has all the key ingredients of another spellbinding adventure. Duckling, the deceitful granddaughter of Lord Rump, and Pummel, an honest farm boy searching for work in the city, have their fates entwined by a dying wise woman. They are each bequeathed one of her gifts: the ability to walk through walls and the ability to summon the winds. However, in the city of Berren, no-one believes in magic—despite sudden showers of frogs, talking cats and a castle that refuses to let anyone leave it. Lord Rump’s scheming manipulates both children into a plot to assassinate the heir to the throne, and unwittingly traps them all into the castle from which there is no escape. This is a wonderfully gripping tale with believable characters and interesting, if not subtle, twists. Be warned: it is not for the very young or faint-hearted. There are some truly terrifying scenes of the Wild Hunt and not a small amount of bloodthirstiness. It is recommended for readers aged nine and up.

Helene Ephraim is a freelance reviewer who has worked as a bookseller and librarian


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