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Online bookstore stocking only debut Australian titles to launch this year

A new online bookstore that will stock only debut Australian writers is preparing to launch later this year.

Non-profit group Underground Writers is establishing the new online store—called Underground Books—to help the group further its operations supporting emerging Australian writers. Underground Writers said it plans to use profits from the bookstore to run workshops, information sessions and events.

‘The literary business is undoubtedly geared towards people who can afford to write, which is why we’re trying to find ways to get this information out there for free,’ said operations manager and editor-in-chief Jemimah Halbert Brewster. ‘We hope to help close some of the gaps that are preventing more diverse voices in the industry, and this bookstore is a legitimate way for book-lovers to help us achieve that.’

Brewster added that she hopes the new store will become ‘the first port of call for those looking to find a new favourite Australian author’. ‘We can guarantee that the books we stock will be Australian debut titles so that readers don’t have to do the research themselves,’ she said.

Underground Books is set to launch in August 2018. For more information about Underground Writers, see the website.



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