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Tasmania’s LINCs to be called ‘libraries’ again

The Tasmanian government will begin rebranding the state’s 52 Learning and Information Centres (LINCs) starting mid-year, reports the Advocate.

Tasmania’s libraries have been called LINCs since 2009 but the Liberal government promised to revert to ‘libraries’ during the state elections in March this year. Funding for the rebrand would be allocated in the upcoming budget, according to a government spokesperson.

‘We’ve been listening to many Tasmanians who tell us that the name LINC doesn’t represent libraries for them, that they’re unsure what it means, and they think it should be changed,’ said the policy.

Deputy Labor leader Michelle O’Byrne said rebranding would be an expensive exercise despite the Liberals’ estimate of a $250,000 cost.

‘Who is doing the sums for the Liberals where they think they can rebrand more than 50 LINCs including signage, uniforms, websites, business cards and everything else involved for $250,000?,’ said O’Byrne.

The Australian Library and Information Association’s (ALIA’s) manager in Tasmania, Jill Denholm, said while she could not speak for all association members she believed the name change would be supported and would align Tasmania with other states that have public libraries and state libraries.

‘The functions of libraries have changed to include technology but books and reading are still at the heart of what we do,’ said Denholm.



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