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UK survey shows working class staff feel background adversely affects career

UK publishing industry staff who identify as ‘working class’ believe their background negatively affects their career in various ways, according to a survey conducted by the Bookseller.

In a survey of 1167 people, almost half of respondents (47%) identified as working class, and of the working class respondents, most (78%) reported feeling that their background has adversely affected their career.

While 58% of overall respondents are based in London, 92% of working class respondents believe that the geographical concentration of publishing in London makes it difficult to enter the industry. Some described struggling to be able to afford to attend interviews, either due to transport costs or loss of earnings as a result of taking time off to do so.

Half of working class respondents reported prejudice or discrimination, which many described as ‘mild’ or ‘in jest’, but said contributes to feelings of inferiority. Respondents were frustrated with nepotism, with many claiming informal networks are used to enter the industry.

Only 5% of those respondents identifying as working class earn £50,000 (A$91,400) or above, whereas this figure is 13% for non-working class respondents.


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