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Educational Publishing Awards 2019 shortlists announced

The Australian Publishers Association (APA) has announced the shortlists for the 2019 Educational Publishing Awards Australia (EPAA).

This year’s awards feature a new category for scholarly nonfiction book of the year.

The shortlists in each category are:


Student resource: Arts/Science/Humanities/Social Sciences/Technologies/Health and Physical Education/Languages

  • Community (Woody Brambles, Wild Dog Books)
  • Australian Backyard Earth Scientist (Peter Macinnis, NLA Publishing)

Student resource: English (Literacy/Literature/Language)

  • Talk About Texts (Julie Baillie et al., Macmillan Education)
  • Oxford Reading for Comprehension (Carmel Reilly, Holly Harper, Cameron Macintosh et al., OUP)

Teaching resource (Primary)

  • Informative Writing Manual (Beverley Laing, Highlighting Writing)
  • Sound Waves Foundation Teacher Book (Barbara Murray & Terri Watson, Firefly Education)

Reference resource

  • Nganga: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander words and phrases (Aunty Fay Muir & Sue Lawson, Walker)
  • The Alphabetic Principle and Beyond: Surveying the landscape (Robyn Cox, Susan Feez & Lorraine Beveridge, Primary English Teaching Association Australia)

 Educational picture or chapter book

  • It’s a Story, Rory! (Frances Watts & David Legge, ABC Books)
  • Nature Storybooks: Dingo (Claire Saxby & Tannya Harricks, Walker)
  • Through My Eyes: Natural disaster zones (series) (Wai Chim, Zoe Daniel et al., ed by Lyn White, A&U)
  • Waves (Donna Rawlins, Mark Jackson & Heather Potter, Black Dog)


Student Resource (Junior): English/Humanities/Languages/Arts/Technologies/Health and Physical Education

  • ‘Obento Deluxe and Supreme 5e’ series (Kyoko Kusumoto et al., Nelson—A Cengage Company)
  • Pearson Humanities Victoria 7-10 (Grant Kleeman et al., Pearson)
  • iiTomo 1 to 4, Second edition (Yoshie Burrows et al., Pearson)

Student Resource (Senior): Mathematics/Science

  • Chemistry for Queensland units 1 & 2 student book + obook assess (Krystle Kuipers et al., OUP)
  • Jacaranda Maths Quest 11 for Queensland + studyON series (Mark Barnes et al., Jacaranda)

Student Resource (Senior): English/Humanities/Languages/Arts/Technologies/Health and Physical Education

  • Global Interactions (Grant Kleeman, David Hamper & Helen Rhodes, Pearson)
  • English for Queensland Units 1 & 2 student book + obook assess (Kelli McGraw, Lindsay Williams & Sophie Johnson, OUP)
  • Business for QCE Units 1 & 2: Creation and Growth (Sally Adams et al., Nelson)
  • Physical Education for Queensland Units 1 & 2 2e student book + obook assess (Crystal Hede et al., OUP)
  • Macmillan Accounting VCE (Neville Box & Simon Phelan, Macmillan Education)

Teaching Resource (Secondary)

  • Physical Education for Queensland Units 1 & 2 2e Teacher + obook assess (Crystal Hede et al., OUP)
  • Poems to Share II (AATE and Red Room Poetry)

Tertiary and TAFE

Scholarly Non-Fiction Book of the Year

  • Call of the Reed Warbler (Charles Massy, UQP)
  • Atomic Thunder: The Maralinga story (Elizabeth Tynan, NewSouth)
  • The Art of Time Travel: Historians and their craft (Tom Griffiths, Black Inc.)
  • Deep Time Dreaming: Uncovering ancient Australia (Billy Griffiths, Black Inc.)
  • Grappling with the Bomb: Britain’s Pacific H-bomb test (Nic Mclellan, ANU)

Tertiary (Wholly Australian) Teaching and Learning—print

  • The Child in Focus: Learning and teaching in early childhood education (Estelle Irving & Carol Carter, OUP)
  • Learning Through Play: Creating a play based approach within early childhood contexts (Christine Robinson et al., OUP)

Tertiary (Wholly Australian) Teaching and Learning—blended learning (print and digital) 

  • The New Lawyer (Rachael Field, Nickolas James & Jackson Walkden-Browne, Wiley)
  • Financial Institutions and Markets 8e (Ben Hunt & Chris Terry, Cengage)
  • Australian Politics in the Twenty-First Century: Old institutions, new challenges (Glenn Kefford et al., CUP)
  • Clinical Psychomotor Skills (5-Point Bondy): Assessment tools for nurses 7e (Joanne Tollefson and Elspeth Hillman, Cengage)

Tertiary (Wholly Australian) Teaching and Learning—digital only

  • Bachelor of Applied Business (Chris Swan & Kathryn McInnes, La Trobe University and Didasko)
  • Introduction to the Tibetan Language: An etextbook for spoken and literary Tibetan (Ruth Gamble et al., ANU)
  • Teaching: Making a difference, 4th edition (Rick Churchill et al., Wiley)

Tertiary (Adaptations) Teaching and Learning—print or blended learning (print and digital) 

  • Literacy for the 21st Century: A balanced approach, 3rd edition (Gail E Tompkins, Pearson)
  • Child and Adolescent Development for Educators 1e with CourseMate Express (Christi Crosby Bergin et al., Cengage)

Tertiary (Adaptations) Teaching and Learning—digital only

  • MindTap for Czinkota’s International Marketing Asia-Pacific edition 4e (Michael Czinkota et al., Cengage)
  • Fundamentals of Corporate Finance (Robert Parrino et al., Wiley)
  • Revel for Principles of Marketing, 7th edition (Gary Armstrong et al., Pearson)

TAFE & Vocational Education Teaching and Learning—print or blended learning (print and digital) 

  • Clinical Placement Manual for the Diploma of Nursing 1e (Catherine Joustra & Ali Moloney, Cengage)
  • Support by SDL: A series for the individual support worker (Hayley Costa, Skin Deep Learning)

TAFE & Vocational Education Teaching and Learning—digital only

  • SHB30315: Certificate 3 in nail technology (Hayley Costa, Skin Deep Learning)
  • MindTap for Leadership and Management: Theory and practice 7e (Kris Cole, Cengage)
  • Certificate IV in Patisserie (Kathryn McInnes et al, Didasko).

The winners will be announced at the Educational Publishing Awards ceremony in Melbourne on 4 September. For more information, see the EPAA website.


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