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Beautiful Eggs (Alice Lindstrom, Scribble)

In this board book, Melbourne-based artist and illustrator Alice Lindstrom uses her stunning cut-paper style of illustration to introduce the tradition of egg decoration across a number of cultures around the world. Lindstrom’s vivid illustrations have a wonderful folk art aesthetic that beautifully captures the hand-crafted techniques used within each culture, from Ukraine and Japan to Greece and Mexico. The text is simple and engaging, offering just enough information to pique a child’s interest about each tradition. Depicted are the materials used within each culture, from leaves and lace to string, beeswax and wire, and the name for each decorating style is shown in its original language together with an English translation. This, along with Lindstrom’s use of colour, patterns and symbols, as well as the two stencils provided at the end of the book all combine to encourage a young reader or artist’s own experimentation with materials, colour and design. Beautiful Eggs is a unique and engaging gift idea that celebrates family, art and tradition and will be a cherished addition to any child’s Easter celebrations.

Jacqui Davies is a freelance writer and reviewer based in South Australia


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