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Bunnygirl (Holly Jayne, Berbay)

In this adorable junior graphic novel, the main character Bea loves superhero comics, cute things, bunnies and eating cereal. She really wants to become a superhero so that she can help people, but cannot possibly do so without the perfect costume! Bea and her doggy best friend Woofs rescue an injured bunny and, after restoring him to health, return him to his friends—a delightful troupe of sunglasses-wearing, cereal-eating bunnies. They gift Bea her desperately longed-for supersuit, and Bunnygirl is born. We’ve come to expect wonderfully quirky books from Berbay and in this collaboration with artist Holly Jayne they have delivered once again. Another publisher may have let the overwhelmingly pink colour palette and the proliferation of cute puppies and bunnies become saccharine. However, Bunnygirl is just a little too hip and a tad too odd to be anything other than charming. Berbay has produced a delightful book that retains the distinctly kawaii feel of Jayne’s original artworks. Though the text is likely a little small for those just learning to read, Bunnygirl’s message of kindness as a superpower is lovely for little ones to discover with an older reading partner.

Hannah Gardiner has a master of arts and a master of research in children’s literature, and works as a children’s book buyer.


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