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Tomorrow is a Brand-New Day (Davina Bell, illus by Allison Colpoys, Scribble)

Tomorrow is a Brand-New Day is an ode to making a mistake and then making things right. It follows two children—friends with different styles—who come into conflict with each other and those around them. The wrongdoings range from small (spilling a bowl of cereal) to large (ripping up a book) and the rhyming text insightfully captures the emotions that can cause such acts: worry, fear, embarrassment, disappointment. The colour palette is bright with shades of pink, lime and aqua that perfectly match the strong emotions on display. Davina Bell’s rhyme scheme is witty, with changing meter and unusual phrasings that create a jaunty delivery for the heartfelt message. Allison Colpoys’ illustrations feature a diverse range of children and families along with beautiful details, such as kids’ drawings on walls, a dreamy lolly shop, patterned upholstery and gardens bursting with flowers. Like Bell and Colpoy’s other books, Under the Love Umbrella and All the Ways to Be Smart, Tomorrow is a Brand-New Day will assure pre-schoolers or early primary school children that things are going to be okay and that they are loved. It’s warm, playful and emotionally intelligent—and it will help young readers articulate their own feelings, too.  

Fay Helfenbaum is a freelance writer and editor and was a bookseller for five years. 


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