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Fancy Meeting You Here (Michelle Kalus & Ali Berg, A&U) 

Fancy Meeting You Here is a breezy, fun escapist novel that any romance lover would surely pick up at the airport. At a time when international travel is unlikely though, this book manages to transport the reader to London, where we meet aspiring screenwriter Evie Berry, who hosts a film podcast with her best friend Ben and daydreams about famous actor and author Hugo Cavendish. When celebrity psychic Maximilian gives Evie a cryptic piece of advice that ends up transporting her 10 years into the past, she is convinced that her mission must be to find true love with Hugo, who isn’t famous yet. However, Evie’s cavalier decision to pursue Hugo in the past using all the information she knows of him from the present is unsettling. While she occasionally muses on whether this is manipulative, she never truly registers her own flaws, instead fixating on love as a cure-all. As a result, the foreseeable twist and briskly wrapped-up romantic ending leave a gap in the protagonist’s personal growth. While much of the novel falls into cliche, the quirky character of Maximilian, the element of time-travel—which throws us back into the world of low-rise jeans and too-thin eyebrows—and charming and funny details such as Evie and Ben’s podcast ‘Pasta La Vista’ keep the story fresh. 

Shivani Prabhu is a freelance writer and nonfiction editor for Voiceworks. 


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