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Sanctuary (Garry Disher, Text)

Grace has been stealing her whole life. She is an expert thief, taught by pros and specialising in small, high-value items, such as stamps and watches. However, a life of crime comes with danger, so she lives life on the edge, ready to disappear at a moment’s notice. When she sees Adam Garrett, a familiar face and old associate she’d avoid at all costs, she flees. Lying low, she yearns for stability and normalcy, bringing her to a job in an antiques store in a rural South Australian town—a place she can settle down in. Here, she works for her new boss, Erin. But it seems someone is looking for Grace, and someone is looking for Erin, too. In Sanctuary, acclaimed crime writer Garry Disher (Peace, Her) creates a rich setting, taking readers around various Australian towns, across several states, on an intense chase. The characters are so believable that, even with her history as a thief, this reader couldn’t help but root for Grace to get her desired new beginning and follow her passion for antiques and collectibles. Disher cleverly weaves tension throughout the story and builds suspense, particularly through Grace’s hypervigilance and anxiety as the man hunting her breathes down her neck and begins to close in. Readers who enjoy Hayley Scrivenor, Shelley Burr and Jane Harper should enjoy the thrilling Sanctuary.

Books+Publishing reviewer: Bohdi Byles is a queer, Indigenous freelance reviewer with a background in bookselling, library work, publishing, and writing. Books+Publishing is Australia’s number-one source of pre-publication book reviews.


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