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Big Love (Megan Jacobson, illus by Beck Feiner, Walker Studio) 

Released November 2021

This sweet picture book debut draws an immediate comparison with children’s bookshelf classic Guess How Much I Love You. As the borders of Big Love’s world unspool, from house to entire universe, the lyrical... Read more

Danged Black Thing (Eugen Bacon, Transit Lounge) 

Released November 2021

Lyrical, rich, oftentimes dark and sometimes hopeful, Danged Black Thing is a speculative fiction collection that takes the reader on a journey from Africa to Australia. The cities and villages the stories are set... Read more

Skimming Stones (Maria Papas, Fremantle Press) 

Released November 2021

Thrombolites—living rocks made from microbes—exist in only a few places on Earth, including Lake Clifton, south of Perth. Here, the thrombolites are thousands of years old and incredibly fragile. This... Read more

Hometown Haunts: #LoveOzYA Horror Tales (ed by Poppy Nwosu, Wakefield Press) 

Released November 2021

To the library of #LoveOzYA anthologies (Begin, End, Begin; Meet Me at the Intersection; Underdog; Kindred) comes Hometown Haunts, a new collection featuring 12 short stories and two graphic novels united... Read more

The Younger Wife (Sally Hepworth, Macmillan) 

Released November 2021

Readers won’t be shocked to learn that Sally Hepworth’s new novel The Younger Wife features a May–December romance between a younger woman and an older man, and the effects the relationship has... Read more

The One That Got Away: Travelling in the time of Covid (Ken Haley, Transit Lounge) 

Released November 2021

The One That Got Away documents journalist and travel writer Ken Haley’s year evading the pandemic. While many of us were kept in captivity as Covid-19 raged across the world,... Read more

Tomorrow is a Brand-New Day (Davina Bell, illus by Allison Colpoys, Scribble)

Released November 2021

Tomorrow is a Brand-New Day is an ode to making a mistake and then making things right. It follows two children—friends with different styles—who come into conflict with each other... Read more

Marcie Gill and the Caravan Park Cat (Monica McInerney, illus by Danny Snell, Puffin) 

Released November 2021

With a dozen adult novels under her belt, Monica McInerney is now turning her hand to children’s fiction and her first foray into middle-grade territory is just as full of heart and laughter as her... Read more

The Dogs (John Hughes, Upswell) 

Released October 2021

John Hughes, whose last book No One was shortlisted for the 2020 Miles Franklin, grapples with the idea of whether it is possible to ever truly know another person in... Read more

The Greatest Mistakes That Went Right (Maddy Mara, illus by Cheryl Orsini, Affirm Press)   

Released November 2021

Many kids are afraid to try new things because they are scared of not getting it right the first time; niggling insecurities and latent perfectionism can often mean they miss... Read more