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Kill Your Brother (Jack Heath, A&U) 

Released December 2021

Kill Your Brother by Jack Heath is a taut thriller brimming with suspense and secrets. In regional NSW, a sister’s desperate search for her missing brother becomes a devious game of... Read more

Chai Time at Cinnamon Gardens (Shankari Chandran, Ultimo)

Released January 2022

Chai Time at Cinnamon Gardens immerses the reader in the microcosm of the Cinnamon Gardens Nursing Home. Against the backdrop of the heartbreaking trauma of the Sri Lankan Civil War, the... Read more

Between the Last Oasis and the Next Mirage: Writing on Australia (Guy Rundle, MUP)

Released December 2021

Guy Rundle lives off his wits. Correspondent-at-large for Crikey, a founding editor of the left-wing journal Arena, former sketch comedy show producer and famed writer of lives, Rundle produces writing... Read more

Buying and Selling the Poor: Inside Australia’s privatised welfare-to-work market (Siobhan O’Sullivan, Michael McGann & Mark Considine, SUP) 

Released December 2021

When Paul Keating put elements of Australia’s ‘welfare to work’ system out to tender in the mid-1990s, he could scarcely have imagined the system we have in place today: one... Read more

Canticle Creek (Adrian Hyland, Ultimo) 

Released December 2021

When Daisy Baker’s body is discovered on her outback property the case appears to be straightforward. Daisy’s boyfriend Adam Lawson, new to the Victorian town of Canticle Creek from the... Read more

The Long Weekend (Fiona Palmer, Hachette) 

Released December 2021

Four strangers meet for a weekend writing retreat in an idyllic location south of Perth. While this might sound like a familiar premise for a work of commercial fiction, the individuality of the characters, and the... Read more

Cold Coast (Robyn Mundy, Ultimo)

Released November 2021

It's 1932. Ivanna ‘Wanny’ Woldstad longs to enter the male-dominated world of hunting and trapping. An independently minded woman, she runs her own taxi in Tromsø, in Northern Norway. A... Read more

The Freedom of Birds (Stephanie Parkyn, A&U) 

Released December 2021

For the charming, self-absorbed Rémi Victoire and his faithful companion, Pascal, the life of itinerant storytellers allows them to forget the staggering betrayal that first caused them to flee Paris.... Read more

The Last Woman in the World (Inga Simpson, Hachette) 

Released November 2021

Inga Simpson’s fourth novel asks who we would choose to become in a catastrophic near-future Australia. Ray, short for Rachel, is a glass artist who sequesters herself deep in the... Read more

Killernova (Omar Musa, Penguin)

Released December 2021

The latest collection from slam poet champion Omar Musa is a raw and muscular combination of poetry and woodcut art that uses the visual and literary capacities of each form... Read more