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9 Things to Remember (and one to forget) (Alison Binks, Berbay)

Released March 2021

This picture book opens with a girl relaxing on a hammock somewhere in the forest, along with the words, ‘If you sleep outside remember that birds wake up very early... Read more

Rajah Street (Myo Yim, Walker Books)

Released March 2021

In this sunny picture book, three-year-old Junya watches the world outside his window as he waits hopefully for the arrival of one of his most favourite things ever: the garbage... Read more

Main Abija My Grandad (Karen Rogers, A&U)

Released March 2021

Written as a tribute to the author and artist Karen Rogers’s grandfather, who was instrumental in teaching her about her ancestry and Country, this picture book is a celebration of... Read more

With a Little Kelp from Our Friends (Mathew Bate, illus by Liz Rowland, Thames & Hudson)

Released February 2021

From the evolution of this fascinating stuff to its modern usage as food, fuel and building material, in With a Little Kelp from Our Friends Mathew Bate tells you everything... Read more

Iceberg (Claire Saxby, illus by Jess Racklyeft, A&U)

Released February 2021

There is no absolutely question as to why Claire Saxby and Jess Racklyeft are both multi-award-winning creators, and this book is a perfect partnership, eliciting the very best from both... Read more

Float or Sink? (Kylie Covark, illus by Andrew Plant, Ford St)

Released February 2021

Kylie Covark’s Float or Sink? quickly develops (after an opening that doesn’t quite nail the meter/rhyme structure to come) into a lively, playful story and preschool children will undoubtedly relish... Read more

Let’s Go, Little Roo (Renée Treml, Puffin)

Released January 2021

Prolific author Renée Treml says she wrote Let's Go, Little Roo from experience with her own shy child, and Little Roo’s stubborn emotions and thought processes are certainly recognisable. (Though... Read more

An Amazing Australian Road Trip (Jackie Hosking, illus by Lesley Vamos, Walker Books)

Released January 2021

This cheerful picture book employs a lively rhyming narrative alongside factual snippets, creating a unique reading experience that is sure to appeal to fans of both fiction and nonfiction. The... Read more

Give Me Some Space! (Philip Bunting, Omnibus)

Released December 2020

Una is a singular girl on a mission: leave boring old Earth behind for greener pastures—or in this case, planets. Smart, determined and ingenious, she crafts herself a homespun spacesuit... Read more

I Want to be a Superhero (Breanna Humes, illus by Ambelin Kwaymullina, Magabala)

Released November 2020

A little girl in a homemade blanket cape wants to be a superhero, and not just any superhero, she wants to fly! Breanna, the girl in question, is a younger... Read more