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Wild Bush Days (Penny Harrison, illus by Virginia Gray, MidnightSun)

Released August 2022

Wild Bush Days is an illustrated account of two young explorers who go on a journey to find the hiding spot of infamous female outlaw Jessie Hickmans. A real-life historical... Read more

The Shop Train (Josie Wowolla Boyle, illus by Paul Seden, Magabala) 

Released July 2022

With The Shop Train, the late Josie Wowolla Boyle offers a small memory-sketch of the days when the Tea and Sugar train travelled weekly across the Nullarbor to supply food... Read more

Jack’s Jumper (Sara Acton, Walker) 

Released July 2022

Jack’s jumper is far too big for him (it once belonged to his beloved big brother Paul, who has grown up and is rarely home anymore) but that’s half the... Read more

Tarni’s Chance (Paul Collins, illus by Jules Ober, Ford St)

Released July 2022

In Tarni’s Chance, the world of Paul Collins and Jules Ober’s young protagonist is grey with sadness as her parents argue, and her inner mood is reflected in the monochromatic... Read more

Old Fellow (Christopher Cheng, illus by Liz Anelli, Walker)

Released June 2022

Old Fellow, written by Christopher Cheng and illustrated by Liz Anelli, is a warm, simple and engaging story of an old man and his old dog. Which one of the... Read more

A Feather on a Wing (Maria Speyer, UQP) 

Released June 2022

The darkness of night is a common fear for many children trying to get to sleep after lights-out. The dark can make you feel alone and separated from everyone, even... Read more

Open Your Heart to Country (Jasmine Seymour, Magabala) 

Released June 2022

Open Your Heart to Country is the stunning fourth picture book from Dharug woman and award-winning author/illustrator Jasmine Seymour. It’s a story of welcome and belonging told in two languages,... Read more

Let’s Build a Backyard (Mike Lucas, illus by Daron Parton, Lothian)

Released May 2022

A companion to Mike Lucas and Daron Parton’s 2021 publication Let’s Build a House, this bouncy book illustrates simple steps to creating a garden—dig, plant, water, protect and enjoy the... Read more

Katerina Cruickshanks (Daniel Gray-Barnett, Scribble)

Released May 2022

Daniel Gray-Barnett’s playful second book as both author and illustrator tells a cautionary tale about exiling exuberance and individuality. Katerina Cruickshanks’ wild and inventive approach to the world becomes too... Read more

Everything You Want to See (Kyle Hughes-Odgers, Fremantle Press) 

Released April 2022

From a dog to a dinosaur, from a butterfly to a lion’s roar, this fun and eclectic collection of ‘things’ is everything you want to see when you are a... Read more