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Kunyi (Kunyi June Anne McInerney, Magabala)

Released June 2021

Kunyi, an illustrated memoir of Kunyi June Anne McInerney’s childhood, collects snapshot moments and stories of her life, told in her own words and accompanied by her paintings. The lively... Read more

A Pair of Pears and an Orange (Anna McGregor, Scribble)

Released June 2021

A pair of pears are good friends who like to spend their days together, playing games that are just right for the two of them. When Orange appears, Little Pear... Read more

Frizzle and Me (Ellie Royce, illus by Andrew McLean, Ford St)

Released June 2021

Frizzle and Me jumps on board a current—and vital—trend for books celebrating diversity, and makes a respectable contribution to the cohort. The premise is that the definition of ‘family’ is... Read more

Why Do Tigers Have Whiskers? (ed by Sunanda Creagh, Thames & Hudson)

Released May 2021

Curated from the Curious Kids section of the academic-authored news website The Conversation, this book is compiled as a series of questions provided by kids and answered by a range... Read more

A Human for Kingsley (Gabriel Evans, Little Hare)

Released May 2021

Kingsley, a dog who has decided to own a human, sets off on a journey to find just the right one. The problem is, there are so many humans to... Read more

Bear and Rat (Christopher Cheng, illus by Stephen Michael King, Puffin)

Released May 2021

This picture book is a heartwarming, tender tale of the loving relationship between two friends. The elegantly simple story in Bear and Rat holds a timeless, universal appeal with themes... Read more

Common Wealth (Gregg Dreise, Scholastic)

Released May 2021

In light of the recent change to the lyrics of ‘Advance Australia Fair’, as well as the ongoing debate surrounding January 26, this impassioned plea for recognition and unity from... Read more

The Katha Chest (Radhiah Chowdhury, illus by Lavanya Naidu, A&U)

Released April 2021

In Radhiah Chowdhury and Lavanya Naidu’s book, elegant textile patterns are patchworked together with descriptive snapshot stories of young Asiya’s family members and their histories. Asiya delights in every one... Read more

Wonder Earth (Zanni Louise & Tiff Bollhorn, illus by Sophy Louise Smith, Five Mile)

Released April 2021

Wonder Earth is a slightly strange hybrid of science reference and imaginative meditation. The authors set out to help children connect with the Earth at both an emotional and a... Read more

9 Things to Remember (and one to forget) (Alison Binks, Berbay)

Released March 2021

This picture book opens with a girl relaxing on a hammock somewhere in the forest, along with the words, ‘If you sleep outside remember that birds wake up very early... Read more