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My First Book of Aussie Birds (Gordon Winch, illus by Stephen Pym, Catch a Star)

Released December 2021

Bright and colourful, lively and engaging, lift-the-flap board book My First Book of Aussie Birds contains a magical menagerie of unique native birds waiting to be discovered by little hands. Much-loved author Gordon Winch,... Read more

Wiradjuri Country (Larry Brandy, NLA Publishing)

Released November 2021

In Wiradjuri Country, Wiradjuri author Larry Brandy (along with several Indigenous artists, and with many photographs), offers a wealth of detailed information about flora, fauna, habitat, history, culture and storytelling in the... Read more

Stellarphant (James Foley, Fremantle Press)  

Released November 2021

One of the best things about picture books is that anything is possible; there are no restrictions on imagination. Author–illustrator James Foley’s latest book plays with a totally outlandish concept:... Read more

The Boy and the Elephant (Freya Blackwood, HarperCollins)

Released November 2021

After almost 20 years of her books on our shelves, a new Freya Blackwood is always cause for delight. The Boy and the Elephant—Blackwood’s first wordless picture book—allows her quiet... Read more

Big Love (Megan Jacobson, illus by Beck Feiner, Walker Studio) 

Released November 2021

This sweet picture book debut draws an immediate comparison with children’s bookshelf classic Guess How Much I Love You. As the borders of Big Love’s world unspool, from house to entire universe, the lyrical... Read more

Tomorrow is a Brand-New Day (Davina Bell, illus by Allison Colpoys, Scribble)

Released November 2021

Tomorrow is a Brand-New Day is an ode to making a mistake and then making things right. It follows two children—friends with different styles—who come into conflict with each other... Read more

The Greatest Mistakes That Went Right (Maddy Mara, illus by Cheryl Orsini, Affirm Press)   

Released November 2021

Many kids are afraid to try new things because they are scared of not getting it right the first time; niggling insecurities and latent perfectionism can often mean they miss... Read more

Norton and the Borrowing Bear (Gabriel Evans, Berbay)

Released October 2021

Gabriel Evans is fast becoming one of the most consistently delightful Australian picture book creators of recent years. With each release he adds to his oeuvre with such apparent ease,... Read more

A Duck Called Brian (Al Murphy, Scholastic) 

Released October 2021

Brian the duck is unique—unlike all his yellow duck friends, he is bright blue. When Brian wakes up one morning to find he has run out of his favourite cereal,... Read more

How to Make Friends: A Bear’s Guide (Cat Rabbit, Berbay) 

Released October 2021

Bear loves writing, drawing and collecting stickers. But with only the company of her toys, Bear is a bit lonely and would like to make some friends. She sets off... Read more