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APA Australian Educational Publishing Awards 2012 shortlists announced

The titles shortlisted for this year’s Australian Publishers Association (APA) Australian Educational Publishing Awards have been announced.

The titles shortlisted in each category are:

Primary Education
Primary Reference Resource

  • Playground (Nadia Wheatley, illus by Ken Searle, A&U)


Primary Student Resource: Arts/Science/Humanities

  • The Little Refugee (Anh Do & Suzanne Do, illus by Bruce Whatley, A&U)
  • ‘Colonial People’ series, including Macmillan Digital Library: Colonial People (CD) and Thinking Themes: Colonial People, Ages 10+ (Reilly [series] and Frappel, Macmillan Education)

Primary Student Resource: English (Literacy/Literature/Language)

  • PM Sounds in Words (Smith and Randell, et al, Nelson Cengage Learning)
  • Oxford Literacy Levels 24-30 (Haydon, Mewburn, Macintosh, Carter, et al, OUP)


Primary Student Resource Mathematics (Numeracy)

  • iMaths National Edition (Chris Linthorne et al, Firefly Education)
  • enVisionMATHS (various authors, Pearson Australia)
  • Building Mathematics in the Early Years (Warren and deVries, OUP)
  • Macmillan Maths Problem Solving Boxes (Peter Maher, Macmillan Education)


Primary Teaching Resource

  • Music Room Book 7 (Fairbairn, Leehy & O’Mara, Bushfire Press)
  • The Primary Connections 5Es (DVD) (Australian Academy of Science, Australian Academy of Science)
  • Primary Connections: Melting Moments (Australian Academy of Science, Australian Academy of Science)
  • Teaching and Assessing Maths Through Open-Ended Activities (Lilburn & Sawczak, Pearson Australia)


Secondary Education

Secondary Student Resource: Junior

  • Tapis Volant 3rd Edition (Chamberlain & Zemiro, Nelson Cengage Learning)
  • Oxford Year 10 English Australian Curriculum (Johnstone & Horne, OUP)
  • Pearson’s English 7-10 (Michael Pryor et al, Pearson Australia)
  • Oxford Big Ideas History 7-10 Australian Curriculum (Saldais, Smith, Carrodus, et al, OUP)
  • Oxford Big Ideas Science 7-10 Australian Curriculum (various authors, OUP)
  • Pearson Science 7-10 (various authors, Pearson Australia)
  • Pearson Maths 7-10 (David Coffey et al, Pearson Australia)
  • Nelson iScience 7 for the Australian Curriculum (various authors, Nelson Cengage Learning)


Secondary Student Resource: Senior

  • VCE Religion and Society Units 1-4 (Green, Samuel & Paul, Macmillan Education)
  • Heinemann Physics Enhanced (various authors, Pearson Australia)


Secondary Reference Resource

  • Big Porn Inc: Exposing the Harms of the Global Porn Industry (ed by Reist & Bray, Spinifex Press)
  • Cookery the Australian Way 8th Edition (Shirley Cameron, Macmillan Education)
  • Global Words: English for Global Education (website) (PETAA and World Vision)


Secondary Teaching Resource

  • Developing Game Sense through Tactical Learning – A resource for Teachers and Coaches (Breed and Spittle, CUP)
  • Pearson Mathematics 7-8 Teacher Companions (David Coffey et al, Pearson Australia)


TAFE and Vocational Education

TAFE Teaching and Learning Resource

  • WHS: A Management Guide 3e (Archer, Borthwick, Travers & Ruschena, Cengage Learning)
  • Read it, Write it: Australasian Intermediate Teacher Resource (Shiels, Garnsworthy & Robinson, OUP)
  • Read it, Write it: Australasian Intermediate Student Resource (Shiels, Garnsworthy & Robinson, OUP)


TAFE Student Resource

  • Basic Skills: Plumbing Services Series 3e (Kavanagh, Paulsen, Puffett & Hossack, McGraw-Hill Australia)
  • Essential Clinical Skills Enrolled/Division 2 Nurses 2e (Tollefson, Bishop, Jelly, Watson & Tambree, Cengage Learning)
  • Electrical Principles 2e (Phillips, Cengage Learning)


Tertiary Education (adaptations – 30%)

Tertiary (adaptations) Teaching and Learning Resource

  • Weber & Kelley’s Health Assessment for Nursing (Lewis & Foley, Lippincott Williams and Wilkins)
  • Literacy for the 21st Century: A Balanced Approach (Tompkins, Campbell & Green, Pearson Australia)
  • Karch’s Pharmacology for Nursing and Midwifery (McKenna & Lim, Lippincott Williams and Wilkins)
  • Videbeck’s Mental Health Nursing (Evans and Brown, Lippincott Williams and Wilkins)
  • Advertising – An Integrated Marketing Communication Perspective (Belch, Belch, Kerr & Powell, McGraw-Hill Australia)
  • Microeconomics 2e; Macroeconomics 2e (Hubbard, Garnett, Lewis & O’Brien, Pearson Australia)


Tertiary (adaptations) Student Resource

  • Integrated Marketing Communications (Chitty, Barker, Valos & Shimp, Cengage Learning)
  • Principles of Marketing 5e (Armstrong, Adam, Denize & Kotler, Pearson Australia)
  • Marketing research 3e (Hair, Lukas and Miller, McGraw-Hill Australia)
  • Economics for Today: 4th Asia Pacific ed (Layton, Robinson & Tucker, Cengage Learning)
  • Principles of Economics 5e / Principles of Microeconomics 5e / Principles of Macroeconomics 5e (Stonecash, Gans, King & Mankiw, Cengage Learning)


Tertiary Education (Wholly Australian)

Tertiary (Wholly Australian) Student Resource

  • Clinical Dosage Calculations: Australia and New Zealand Ed (Brotto & Rafferty, Cengage Learning)
  • Connecting With Tort Law (Davis, OUP)
  • Research Methods in Nursing and Midwifery: Pathways to Evidence-Based Practice (Jirojwong, Johnson & Welch, OUP)
  • Teaching Mathematics; Foundations to Middle Years (Siemon, Beswick, Brady, Clark, Faragher & Warren, OUP)
  • Modern Criminal Law of Australia (Gans, CUP)


Tertiary (Wholly Australian) Teaching and Learning Resource

  • Organisational Behaviour (Creed & Phillips, OUP)
  • Business Finance 11e (Pierson, Brown, Easton, Howard & Pinder, McGraw-Hill Australia)


Tertiary (Wholly Australian) Scholarly Resource

  • Australia and the Antarctic Treaty System: 50 Years of Influence (ed by Haward & Griffiths, UNSW Press)
  • The Drug Effect: Health Crime and Society (ed by Fraser & Moore, CUP)
  • Australian Poetry Since 1788 (ed by Lehmann & Gray, UNSW Press)
  • Epidemiology (Buettner & Muller, OUP).


The winners in each category, as well as the primary and secondary publishers of the year, will be announced on Thursday 6 September at a ceremony at Federation Square in Melbourne, following the APA’s futurEducation symposium.



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