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Wurrtoo (Tylissa Elisara, illus Dylan Finney, Lothian)

Released April 2024

As a Nunga woman reading to her young Nunga and Murri son, Tylissa Elisara was fed up with the lack of First Nations representation in her beloved childhood stories. Wurrtoo... Read more

Jerry’s Window (Y K Willemse, Wombat Books)

Released April 2024

In the spirit of Dennis the Menace, 10-year-old Jerry Ronden is a notorious nightmare. His parents are at a loss as he torments his school and neighbours with pranks, stink... Read more

Frog Squad: Dessert Disaster (Kate Temple & Jol Temple, illus Shiloh Gordon, HarperCollins)

Released April 2024

Prepare yourselves, Bin Chicken and Underdogs fans (among others): the unstoppable force that is Kate and Jol Temple (That Bird Has Arms) has a new series. The first book, Frog... Read more

The Pinchers and the Diamond Heist (Anders Sparring, illus Per Gustavsson, Gecko Press)

Released April 2024

Anders Sparring’s The Pinchers and the Diamond Heist is a first-in-series chapter book that ticks many boxes young primary school children love: comedy, crime, and fun family connections. Opening with... Read more

The Cave (Victor Kelleher, Eagle Books)

Released April 2024

In Victor Kelleher’s upper-middle-grade prehistoric adventure novel The Cave, young Irian—one of the few survivors after the Beast (a sabre-toothed tiger) attacks the cave where he lives—is traumatised into muteness... Read more

Roarsome (Joel Slack-Smith, illus Rebel Challenger, Scholastic)

Released April 2024

Roarsome is the first book in a new illustrated junior fiction series by TV comedy writer Joel Slack-Smith. Like many kids, Walter wants the latest tech for his birthday—a nitro-powered... Read more

Shower Land 1: Break the Curse (Nat Amoore, illus James Hart, Puffin)

Released March 2024

The first in a new junior fiction series, Shower Land 1: Break the Curse is a fun, whimsical book that will appeal to kids who enjoy fantasy and humour plots.... Read more

Outlaw Girls (Emily Gale & Nova Weetman, Text)

Released March 2024

Emily Gale and Nova Weetman deliver again with Outlaw Girls, the Kelly country time-slip follow-up to their CBCA Notable Elsewhere Girls. In 1878, Kate Kelly secretly slips supplies to her... Read more

A Room for Ryel (Emma Cameron, Wombat)

Released March 2024

Within modern shifting family dynamics, Emma Cameron’s A Room for Ryel emerges as a heartwarming tale that adeptly explores the intricacies and joys of blending families. The book seamlessly transcends... Read more

To and Fro (Anton Clifford-Motopi, A&U Children’s)

Released March 2024

To and Fro by debut author Anton Clifford-Motopi is a heartfelt and humorous exploration of the complexities of growing up mixed-race in Australia. This delightful offering for readers aged 8–12... Read more

The Daredevil Princess and the Golden Unicorn (Belinda Murrell, illus Rebecca Crane, Puffin)

Released February 2024

The Daredevil Princess and the Golden Unicorn is the first in kid-lit superstar Belinda Murrell’s latest series, with a second book (The Daredevil Princess and the Goblin King) to be... Read more

Countdown to Yesterday (Shirley Marr, Puffin)

Released February 2024

Shirley Marr’s latest novel, Countdown to Yesterday, takes young readers on a heartwarming journey through time, memories, and the complexities of family and friendship. This enchanting tale is a delightful... Read more

How to Avoid Being Eaten By Sharks… and other advice (John Larkin, illus Chrissie Krebs, Walker)

Released February 2024

How do you avoid being eaten by sharks? Is the Earth flat or round? How do you translate parent-speak, pass a creative writing test, and elude alien abduction? Tongue-in-cheek, chapter-length... Read more

Andromache Between Worlds (Gabriel Bergmoser, HarperCollins)

Released February 2024

Andromache Between Worlds is the middle-grade fiction debut from prolific adult and young adult writer Gabriel Bergmoser. Andromache is the 14-year-old daughter of two celebrity adventurer journalists whose escapades have... Read more

Lani and the Universe (Victoria Carless, HarperCollins)

Released January 2024

For young readers who enjoyed Gus and the Starlight (2022) comes another heart-warming and captivating story by Victoria Carless. Lani and the Universe tells the story of Lani Scrub, who... Read more

Secret Sparrow (Jackie French, HarperCollins)

Released December 2023

Jackie French’s latest middle-grade novel, Secret Sparrow, focuses on the unheralded work of women in World War I. This exciting adventure story is told with dual timelines and begins in... Read more

Silver Linings (Katrina Nannestad, ABC Books)

Released November 2023

Following the multi-award-winning success of Katrina Nannestad’s World War II novels for younger readers, Silver Linings sees her move from the battlefields of Europe to post-war Australia, and a story... Read more

Fluff: Bullies Beware (Matt Stanton, ABC Books)

Released November 2023

Gilbert Morris lives with his mum and sister in a caravan park. After his dad goes missing in outer space, Gilbert’s mum gives him Fluff, a comfort toy, to squeeze... Read more

Kimmi: Queen of the dingoes (Favel Parrett, illus Astred Hicks, Lothian)

Released November 2023

For young readers who enjoyed Favel Parrett’s alpine dingo tale in Wandi (2021), Kimmi follows a real-life tropical dingo who, like Wandi, now lives at the Dingo Discovery Sanctuary and... Read more

Spies in the Sky (Beverley McWilliams, illus Martina Heiduczek, Pantera)

Released November 2023

Inspired by the little-known story of the British National Pigeon Service, a volunteer organisation of pigeon breeders who provided their animals for military service during WWII, Spies in the Sky by... Read more