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The Edge of Thirteen (Nova Weetman, UQP)

Released March 2021

The Edge of Thirteen is the latest offering by acclaimed middle-grade author Nova Weetman. Following the characters from Weetman's 'The Secrets We Keep' series, yet working as a standalone story,... Read more

The Detective’s Guide to Ocean Travel (Nicki Greenberg, Affirm)

Released March 2021

Award-winning picture book and graphic novel author and illustrator Nicki Greenberg has turned her attention to middle-grade mystery in her newest work, The Detective’s Guide to Ocean Travel. Perfect for... Read more

Footprints on the Moon (Lorraine Marwood, UQP)

Released February 2021

It’s 1969 and Sharnie is entering year seven and finding it difficult to make friends. The world is consumed by the Space Race and the Vietnam War, and Sharnie is... Read more

Beneath the Trees (Cristy Burne, Fremantle Press)

Released February 2021

Cam and her little sister Sophie have travelled halfway across Australia to see some platypuses in the wild, and even their mum forcing them to wear bright yellow emergency ponchos... Read more

Lola Online: #TheSecretUpstairsFanClubParty (Shannan & Tayla Stedman, Omnibus)

Released February 2021

Sisters Shannan and Tayla Stedman, children’s entertainers turned authors, try their hands at junior fiction with Lola Online, which comes after the 2018 release of their picture book Harlow and... Read more

Little Gem (Anna Zobel, Puffin)

Released January 2021

Little Gem is a witch-in-training who has the best intentions but doesn’t always get things quite right. When a travelling spell goes wrong Gem finds herself in the unusual village... Read more

The Carbon-Neutral Adventures of the Indefatigable EnviroTeens (First Dog on the Moon, A&U)

Released December 2020

Political cartoonist First Dog on the Moon’s debut book for children is a delightfully absurd metatextual picture book/graphic novel hybrid starring a genius wombat inventor, a superhero social media celebrity... Read more

The Odds (Matt Stanton, ABC Books)

Released November 2020

The lack of locally produced graphic novels for young Australians has been noted for some time now, but middle-grade and children’s author Matt Stanton has a new book to appease... Read more

We Are Wolves (Katrina Nannestad, ABC Books)

Released November 2020

In We Are Wolves, middle-grade author Katrina Nannestad, creator of the 'Olive of Groves' and 'Girl, the Dog and the Writer' series, moves confidently into more sombre territory with the... Read more

Little Jiang (Shirley Marr, illus by Katy Jiang, Fremantle Press)

Released October 2020

Born under a confluence of inauspicious signs and hitherto haunted by all manner of hungry ghosts, it’s difficult for Mei to dismiss her aunt’s firmly held belief that she is... Read more