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Melody Trumpet (Gabrielle Tozer, HarperCollins) 

9 November 2018
Melody’s parents are world-famous musicians (and narcissistic bores) who expect their only daughter to have inherited their incredible talent, but poor Melody can’t play any instruments and sounds like a...

Queen Celine (Matt Shanks, Walker Books) 

30 October 2018
Matt Shanks’ latest picture book introduces us to Celine Beaufort. Celine lives a fairly ordinary life, doing ordinary things, but sometimes she gets to be the queen of a very...

Mamie (Tania McCartney, HarperCollins) 

4 October 2018
This year marks the 100th anniversary since the publication of May Gibbs’ beloved Snugglepot and Cuddlepie. Joining the centenary celebrations is Tania McCartney’s latest picture book Mamie, which explores Gibbs'...

Liberty (Nikki McWatters, UQP)

4 October 2018
Three women, three centuries, three threats against freedom: Australian author Nikki McWatters’ new YA novel is an ambitious and timely exploration of power, politics and the sisterhood. In 1472 France,...

My Sunbeam Baby (Emma Quay, ABC Books) 

6 September 2018
My Sunbeam Baby is a sweet picture book written and illustrated by Emma Quay. Combining playful illustrations with rhyming text, the narrator explores all the ways she loves her baby...

Night Walk (Alison Binks, Berbay)

24 August 2018
This second picture book from Melbourne artist Alison Binks will appeal to gentle souls. In Night Walk, a young boy named Caspar enjoys a night-time adventure while camping with his...

Tales from the Inner City (Shaun Tan, A&U)

24 August 2018
This extraordinary companion to Shaun Tan’s 2008 book Tales from Outer Suburbia taps into our subconscious, our ancient primitive longings, and our need for love, acceptance and understanding. In this...

The Rift (Rachael Craw, Walker Books)

24 August 2018
Meg is on her way back to Black Water Island after a long absence. Black Water Island is the home of the Rift, a tear between our dimension and another,...

The Girl Who Fell (Violet Grace, Nero)

2 August 2018
Written by husband-and-wife team Kasey Edwards and Christopher Scanlon, The Girl Who Fell is the first book in a new urban fantasy trilogy. Misfit, social outcast, and orphan with a mysterious...





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