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Loss Adjustment (Linda Collins, Awa Press)

Released October 2020

The unimaginable horror of losing a beloved only child to suicide concentrated Linda Collins’ mind, producing this extraordinary book. The pain of her loss suffuses every page, but she writes... Read more

Rural Dreams (Margaret Hickey, MidnightSun)

Released October 2020

Rural Dreams, like its name implies, is a short story collection deeply rooted in country Australia. Reading it you can practically smell the dry grass, eucalyptus and stale pub carpet.... Read more

Future Girl (Asphyxia, A&U)

Released October 2020

The events of Future Girl play out in a future Melbourne that is eerily plausible. Food has been largely replaced by recon, an all-in-one food replacement that is marketed as... Read more

A Letter to Layla: Travels to our deep past and near future (Ramona Koval, Text)

Released October 2020

Ramona Koval’s latest book is really a quest story: in it she sets out to find how humanity got to where we are now, and where we are going. In... Read more

Aussie STEM Stars: Fiona Wood (Cristy Burne, Wild Dingo Press)

Released October 2020

‘Aussie STEM Stars’ is an exciting new narrative nonfiction series that celebrates experts in the fields of science, maths, engineering and technology. Book one centres on the story of Fiona... Read more

Living With the Anthropocene (ed by Cameron Muir, Kirsten Wehner & Jenny Newell, NewSouth)

Released October 2020

‘You’re not alone’ is one of the key threads in this collection of essays. That and ‘deep grief’ for what we know and don’t know is being lost, with many... Read more

A Different Kind of Seeing (Marie Younan, Scribe)

Released October 2020

This is a simply told tale of an extraordinary life. Marie Younan’s memoir unravels twin narratives: being blind in a seeing world and being part of a displaced people. For... Read more

Little Jiang (Shirley Marr, illus by Katy Jiang, Fremantle Press)

Released October 2020

Born under a confluence of inauspicious signs and hitherto haunted by all manner of hungry ghosts, it’s difficult for Mei to dismiss her aunt’s firmly held belief that she is... Read more

Scary Bird (Michel Streich, Scholastic)

Released October 2020

A lively little book, Scary Bird puts diversity, adjustment and acceptance into an understandable parable for little listeners (though plenty of big listeners would also do well to pay attention... Read more

Vida: A woman for our time (Jacqueline Kent, Viking)

Released September 2020

It’s a sad fact that most Australians are unaware of the correct pronunciation of Vida Goldstein’s name (a long ‘i’ in both), let alone that she was the first woman... Read more